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Whats New in SportsCAD

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What's New in SportsCAD 10.0!

The new SportsCAD can run in a window (instead of full screen).

Baseball video analysis software

Streamlined support to import from almost any camera.

SportsCAD Camera Capture


Redesigned buttons...

Baseball video analysis


More information in the Display Panel

Golf video software

A new detachable Playbar allows you to Open, Rewind, Play, Loop, SlowMo, Draw, Delete, and change drawing colors.

Tennis video software


New Open Dialog window with drag and drop support.

Tennis Motion analysis software

New Mouse Throttle for even more control! It's awesome!!

Video control

New Video Timer with Zero button.

Tennis Video Camera

New QuickLaunch button to quickly access a copy of your most used videos.

Tennis video software

SportsCAD now directly supports most cameras, phones and tablets!


Download from our library of Tennis, Golf or Baseball models.

download videos

download video


SportsCAD has a new look! There is a new cleaner look and many of the current features have been enhanced. SportsCAD now can also run in windowed mode!

SportsCAD 10.0 Video analysis for tennis


Eight Color Themes to choose from. You can also change the wording throughout the program to fit your business. By default, the program reads "Student Profiles" and "Open Student Video". This can now be changed throughout the program to Patient-Client-Athlete-Golfer-Swimmer-Runner-Player etc.

blue default           maroon tan

green tan           blue black

silver blue           brown

ruby red           outdoor

This really allows you to customize the look of the program to fit your business.



The new Outdoor Mode will help you see things better when working outdoors with a laptop.

outdoor video analysis


Import Videos from the web. SportsCAD now has a feature that allows support for many different video formats. You can import videos from the web, webcams, phones, tablets and the new memory stick cameras on the market.

SportsCAD Video Import

Use the new Strobe feature to follow the path of a ball etc. Very Cool!

strobe video


Record Everything! Now you are not limited to recording features. Everything that can be done in SportsCAD can now be recorded to the Lesson Videos.

record video lessons


Send Lessons. SportsCAD Platinum has 3 ways to send your lessons, video drills, and student videos. You can send your student home with a cd which has a Windows PC SportsCAD Viewer Program, you can email directly to the student, or you can upload to your website and your student can view them there.

send lessons to web

There are more features.....better video quality, more icons on the Analysis menu bar, Camcorder Refresh while in the capture section.... Have a look at the Demo Videos or Download a trial copy to see more.