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The Basics of Motion Analysis Software

Video Motion Analysis has been around for quite some time now. With the lower cost of hardware and software, it now makes sense more than ever to take advantage of this type of tool to help your game or your business. When looking at motion analysis software, you want it to be extremely powerful and very easy to use. To see the powerful features and ease of use that SportsCAD offers, you may want to have a look at our demo videos (click to see demo videos). To take the next step, look around the website then download a free trial copy to give the software a try.

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How to use the software

The most common way to use the software is by filming on the court/field/range. Using a tripod and a camera, you record the motions that you want to analyze. You then take the camera inside, plug it into the computer, and copy the motions from the camera into the computer. SportsCAD makes this very easy to do while using a dv camcorder, camera, phone or tablet. Once this is done, you have a very organized video library that you can recall from at any time.

What hardware is needed to get started

Option 1
 A Windows based laptop or desktop computer (with a dv port), a dv camcorder, a dv cable and a tripod.

video analysis hardware

If you are using the software for business, and do many captures of many students per day, The best camcorder to use is a DV camcorder.

Option 2
 A Windows based laptop or desktop computer, and a memory card camera, phone or tablet.

There are now many new powerful cameras on the market. SportsCAD now supports these cameras.