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The Background of SportsCAD

       My name is Steve Stitz and I am the owner and lead developer at Seaside Software. The SportsCAD product line began many years ago from my love of golf and skills as a computer programmer. Over the years, I have had help from many highly skilled programmers and instructors/coaches/professionals during the design and building of SportsCAD. The project goals have always been the same; to create a very powerful program that it easy to use and is affordable. If you watch the demo videos and try out the program (you can download a free trial), I'm sure that you will find that the project goals are still intact.

       The SportsCAD Motion Analysis Program has been in the market since 1997. Although many more fields are now using motion analysis programs, golf was the main use for SportsCAD waaaay back then. For golf, the software was marketed through a company called GolfCoach for over 10 years under the software name ComputerCoach. The SportsCAD analysis engine is also used by bowling instructors around the world. The bowling specific software name was BowlersMAP Gold and was sold by Ebonite International. SportsCAD has also been modified for medical use and is used in the medical industry as well as by the US Army.

       SportsCAD continues to be the main priority at Seaside Software. If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, feel free to contact us by phone or email any time!

Best Regards,
Steve Stitz
Seaside Software